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TVBA sometimes gets offers from the community to have its members host apiaries on their property.  As well, TVBA Members sometimes desired to find available land to host their apiaries. By collecting information from both the seekers and those offering their land, and then publishing it here on the TVBA Web Site, it is hoped that connections can be made and thus meet the needs of the community and that of TVBA Members.

Below is a list of local Beekeepers who are looking to expand the number of hives they maintain in Tualatin Valley (note it maybe empty at any given time).

You may either:

1. Contact any listed Beekeeper directly given their information provided.

2. Fill out the following form "Offering Land for an Apiary" to advertise your desire to host an apiary with TVBA Members.

Changes to your submitted information:

If you have previously submitted an "Offering Land for an Apiary" and wish to have this information modified or removed from the TVBA Member Website. Please submit a "Apiary Land Support" request. 

Notice: Any information provided will be available to all TVBA Members through login to the TVBA Website. It will be up to you to work out the details with any TVBA Members that may contact you. A TVBA Administrator will review your submission prior to internal publishing, and will also control when the offer is removed from the website, on an as available basis.

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